Advancements like 5G, edge computing and IoT (Internet of Things) are accelerating SD-WAN growth. According to a recent report, the growth of SD-WAN integrations is projected to increase 53% to $17.92 billion by 2024.

The demand for SD-WAN is soaring past other traditional network technologies, like MPLS, because of its ability to future-proof your network performance and support new advancements as they surface. Organizations can now centrally manage their network connections, regardless of network configuration, to efficiently deliver critical business applications to the headquarter and branch locations.

This demand spurs from the need to cost-effectively improve Quality of Service (QoS) from bandwidth intensive solutions, like Unified Communications and collaboration tools. Both of which have grown more popular in recent years. It’s not just communications though, it’s connectivity as well. SD-WAN also allows organizations to aggregate multiple connections to achieve reliable failover links in the case of an outage or brownout.

But aside from the obvious business case for SD-WAN, the major reason deployments are growing comes down to newer, faster and more secure networking technology. Here are the 4 biggest advancements spearheading growth:

The Introduction of 5G Networks

By 2024, just five years away, there will be a forecasted 1.5 billion 5G subscriptions worldwide. While still in an introductory stage, we can expect it to bring new innovations and services just like 3G and 4G did.

The fifth generation of wireless networks is promising to provide the high speeds and reliability needed to support the vast web of IoT devices that will be widespread at the edge, closer to the user. SD-WAN will positively impact the 5G network by intelligently directing traffic flows and distributing bandwidth among IoT devices. It will also play a key role in securing data that is being processed at the edge by these IoT devices.

Edge Computing

Edge computing allows data to be processed closer to where it is created instead of sending it across long routes to data centers or clouds. Partnering with a managed service provider with a network that can deliver content at the edge will provide organizations with the capability needed to process data on IoT devices in remote locations in real-time.

SD-WAN can be deployed in tandem with edge computing devices at remote offices and branch locations to enable critical business applications. SD-WAN allows branch-to-branch traffic to be intelligently routed and managed from a centralized console that can be set up to prioritize the traffic to different applications based upon priority and business case.


IoT has created a way for organizations to better track, monitor and deliver services more efficiently to customers. Whether you’re a logistics organization tracking shipments in real-time or a manufacturer monitoring smart machines in the warehouse, connected devices are using more bandwidth than MPLS can deliver in a cost-effective way.

With the growth of IoT, billions of devices are being connected to networks to exchange information in real-time. SD-WAN provides a revolutionary way for bandwidth-intensive devices to efficiently deliver the QoS that is required for real-time communication. SD-WAN can deliver traffic more efficiently through predetermined policies to support devices while eliminating complexity, congestion and bottlenecks.

Securing Data from the Edge

The more edge devices are integrated into the network, the more security becomes imperative. IoT devices can increase the attack surface if not properly secure, making it easier for an attack on the internal network.

SD-WAN has built-in security capabilities like firewall, client VPN, content filtering and intrusion prevention systems to secure data from connected devices at the edge. SD-WAN also supplies visibility into complex networks and can work with security tools already integrated into your security plan.


As digital transformation evolves to meet on-demand business functionality, so will the network. SD-WAN can help organizations modernize their traffic delivery to support 5G, IoT and other future initiatives. To learn more ways SD-WAN can help your network deliver Quality of Service through modern technologies, contact us today.

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