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Proactive monitoring of all your IT infrastructure

Information Technology is a critical component of business operations. With a single glitch or moment of downtime, end users’ daily activities can be impacted severely. Most companies are realizing the money lost on improper design, slow implementation, and inconsistent management of their IT investments. Because of this, they are turning to IT Managed Services.

Magna5 makes the most out of the client’s IT investment. Our goal is to supply effective end results that allow for minimized downtime, increased efficiency, and lower costs. Our fully-customized monitoring and maintenance platform in conjunction with our 24/7/365 Operations Center allows us to monitor, identify and fix critical system health and performance issues, in real-time.

Magna5 becomes an extension of your IT staff. We only hire best-in-class engineers with the highest level of technical knowledge, customer service skills, and dedication to success. We can fill expertise gaps, save time and money, and provide valuable support to the client’s current IT staff.


Comprehensive monitoring for full visibility into your infrastructure

Predictable costs

Monitoring and Management is charged on a monthly basis to create a predictable budgeting cost for your organization. Eliminate irregular costly maintenance fees.

Reduced downtime

Eliminate downtime and the associated costs with 24/7/365, proactive monitoring and maintenance. Identify and resolve issues before they become devastating network problems.

Increased performance

With real-time performance and health monitoring, eliminate problems that cause your systems to run slow or completely go offline. Higher employee productivity with 100% availability.

Proactive monitoring

Our customized monitoring and management platform allows for real-time, proactive monitoring – 24/7/365 from our local Operations Center.

Best-in-class engineers

When you sign with Magna5, you have access to best-in-class engineers that are certified and trained in the most recent technologies. We have engineers on staff 24/7/365 to make sure that there is always someone watching your network.

Free up IT staff

24/7/365 Monitoring and Management offloads tedious tasks off your internal IT staff. This enables you to turn their focus back to revenue generating projects instead of pesky operational tasks.


Multiple service levels to meet your needs

With four monitoring and management service levels, you can find exactly the right level of service you need to reduce business costs and system disruptions – while improving system performance.

24/7/365 IT Monitoring
Magna5 IT Monitoring Service proactively monitors critical systems, in real-time, from our customized monitoring platform. We locate and correct small issues before they become large problematic system failures.

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Server Maintenance
Server maintenance is intended to keep your servers updating and running smoothly to ensure that your network is operating with high productivity and efficiency. Our engineers monitor your servers’ health and complete routine tedious patch maintenance.

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IT Support
IT Support is designed to further take the burdensome tasks off your IT staff. While still getting full access to our 24/7/365 monitoring, we also bundle on patch management and issue identification, management, and resolution.

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On-demand IT Services
On-demand IT Services helps organizations when they need a burst of IT expertise due to unexpected situations – projects falling behind, skill set gaps, resource problems, etc. We have in-house advance engineers available to work on projects in-depth on retainer or as needed basis.

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Valley Food SystemsMagna5 provides food manufacturer reliable technology solutions for their unique 24/7/365 needs.

Magna5’s cloud hosting, coupled with network and server management, and data backup, supply Valley Food Systems with a high-availability environment for their always-on operation.

“They truly understand our needs. Companies our size can rarely afford an IT department, let alone a 24/7/365 staff. We are able to work hand-in-hand with Magna5 to get maintenance and support at all times. They truly are our eyes 24/7/365.”



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