Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic, many organizations are taking precautions for their employees’ health and safety, including eliminating air travel, postponing events and mandating work-from-home policies. However, many organizations are struggling to enforce their work-from-home policy, whether it’s insufficient bandwidth to support remote users or simply not having enough laptops.

Magna5 has prepared a handy checklist for organizations who are preparing or supporting their employees to work-from-home during the current crisis and in the future. It includes a list of questions and a checklist for the equipment, tools and technology your employees need to be successful while working remotely.


Work-From-Home Primary Questions:

✓ Do you have a work-from-home policy?

✓ How will important decisions and timelines be communicated to employees?

✓ Do all employees have laptops, or will you need to ask employees to work on personal devices?

✓ Do all employees need physical desk phones, or can they make internet calls over their personal devices?

✓ Can you secure company files and data if using company-owned or personal device? You will need to address …

  • Firewall
  • Email security and encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Operating systems patch management
  • Endpoint security software
  • ✓ Do you have enough support to help end users set up remote network access? You will need to provide …

    • Help-desk phone number
    • Help-desk email


    Work-From-Home Office Equipment:

    ✓ Laptop or computer

    ✓ Monitor

    ✓ Webcam

    ✓ Physical phone or soft phone

    ✓ Headset

    ✓ Teleworker VPN firewall


    Work-From-Home Wi-Fi and Technology:

    ✓ High-speed internet access

    ✓ Wireless router


    Meetings and Collaboration:

    ✓ Video conferencing tools

    ✓ Communications tools – Phone, instant messaging and mobile application

    ✓ Virtual collaboration tools


    Let us help you get started on your WFH journey without the high upfront cost? Schedule a consultation with our experts.

Mike Penn

Mike Penn

Mike Penn joined Magna5 as Senior Content Developer. His role is to bring to life stories that inspire or inject clarity in how managed services and emerging trends can be applied to help organizations operate better and more efficiently.


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